dotcombat asked:

Just a reminder that Panda Express (Chinese food chain in the US) is NOT even vegetarian. Their Eggplant and Tofu dish is not vegetarian, their Vegetable Egg Rolls are not vegetarian, their Vegetable Chow Mein is not vegetarian and I heard a rumor that even their white rice is cooked in chicken stock. So stay away!

adviceforvegans answered:

That’s DISGUSTING. Thank you so much for the warning! SIGNAL BOOST.


i just dropped a course and currently have 10 credits 

and forgot to notice that today is indeed not august 26. and i indeed am not supposed to drop anything untl tomorrow at 3:15.

still. all my earlier sentiments remain

Feely postla

On my way to campus on my bike i chanted over and over again that i’ll be okay and that I love myself and that i can do this. My classes today have been so so… So wonderful. I want to join specific clubs to bolster my interest so that days like yesterday never occur again. I hope i can major in something to do with sustainability, biology, environmental science, or ethics involving agriculture. Anf i hope this isn’t just a fleeting rush of “i’m okay”